What I learned in the first three months of working as a web developer

Gabriel Laroche on September 01, 2018

This is my very first post on here, let's get started :) Before we get to the three months of work, let's talk about my background first. So, I'm ... [Read Full]
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I totally understand where you're coming from Gabriel. I am a web developer and recently got a job where I interned.

I too believe in learning the basics and fundamentals first before moving into frameworks and sophisticated libraries.

Thanks for the post, and good luck at your new job 👍


Thank you very much :)


Guys and this goes to everyone that's commented; I'm wondering about how I can improve my skills with recursion. Literally I'm so bad; and I'm wildly embarrassed by it. Someone said it's not commonly required so that I should chill and just keep slowly working at it, but honestly it's the one thing that I think to myself "OMG I'm so bad will I ever improve".

Thank you for the article btw. I love hearing how people first started and your English is awesome man.


Find recursion problems at codekata.com/ and other code challenge sites. Practice till you dream about it.


So it'll just come if I keep nurturing over time then?

Thank you for the reply btw.

You could also practice binary tree algorithms, implementing iterative versions as recursion, it's really nice way to get going as well.


Your link to The Web I Want is broken :) (Not the web i want :p)


Oh no! definitely not the web I want either. It's fixed now :)


"...and to my sweet sweet google search skills." Best skill ever.

I also very much agree: learn the basics, know the basics, understand the basics. Everything else after that is syntax sugar.

It bothers me many developers from Java, to C#, to JS, to Golang lack to the fundamental understand to TCP/IP or that an HTTP response is one string that is parsed and processed by the browser, which is an over glorified word processor if you think about it.

But as technology advances it also needs specialized workers to understand the idioms and nuances of specific tech. Just...don't pigeonhole yourself before you even begin.

I look forward to more of your writing Gabriel.


Completely agree! When I started professional programming I wish I'd learnt C++ properly before diving into MFC and COM frameworks.


You lost a backlash on your shrug face. Try double backslash to escape it \


Oh no!! 😱 Thanks for letting me know!

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