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+1 on Refactoring UI. Probably the best design resource I've seen online.

Atomic Design is also a good read. Don't feel like you need to be dogmatic about it's principles though. It's just a useful way to think about design systems.

This is a great article about using color in UI design by Erik Kennedy, who also has a course called Learn UI Design. I can't vouch for the course as I haven't taken it, but his blog posts are high quality so it's probably good.

Sketch and Figma both have really good docs so for learning the tools themselves that's where I would start.

As far as fundamentals go, most of the web is text so Butterick's Practical Typography is super helpful. And while there are obviously differences (such as designing for multiple screen sizes) between print and web design, the fundamentals (typography, hierarchy, color theory, etc.) all carry over so feel free to read design books and tutorials for print as well.

Don't sweat becoming a Figma/Sketch/Photoshop wizard if you're not looking to switch careers. Knowing shortcuts and in-depth features is great to be more efficient but if you're learning to broaden your skill set it's more important to know why a design works than how to use Sketch symbols. Everyone will probably be using something else in 5 years anyway.

At the end of the day learning design is like learning development, the more you actually make stuff the better you'll get. Learning by reading is great but practice is key.

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