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Discussion on: Publish static website with Travis to existing FTP server

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Josef Biehler Author • Edited on

In my case "/about" would also work, because the HTTP server usually knows that it must serve a file called "".

But if you using "/About" but your file is named "about.njk" then it will work locally on your windows (if you have one) but not on your remote server (that probably is a linux server) because of the casing of "A".

e.g. works but works, too. The server delivers the same page for both links.

The links in this simple example are manually added. But this does not matter I think.

"/posts/2020/blog-post-3/" should also work if there is an index.html file located within that folder. Maybe the setting of your remote http server is wrong and it does not know anymore what file should be served?

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Christian H From

Hmm, yes, that makes sense. I read up on links: and I'm starting to understand the 11ty file/folder structure. But perhaps my server doesn't get it ;-)

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Christian H From • Edited on

Figured it out! I started an issue (closed now - yay) about the whole thing, and finally was able to wrap my head around what I was doing right and wrong. Thanks a lot for your time as well - you got me on the right path to the answer(s)! Here's the issue, btw: