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Guilherme Garrucho
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New rice up

Today, I've decided to change from GNOME to i3wm. Using it for a few days, I loathe doing rices, since I've done it before and with more functionality in mind than visual appreciation!

So I decided to go overkill. Let's create a trello board so I don't get lost since it's a lot of shit, first of all and possible start to thinking about the layout of what I want and then some colors that I enjoy.

I did some look around to see what new programs have emerged in the linux scene and which I want to use, providing that they work and are appealing in terms of configuration.

I'll probably make a git repository to keep my sanity in check and get some way that can quickly change the colors from .Xresources file or something.
I'll look into that later.

First, I need to decide the layout for my status bar, which I'll be using polybar for.
Then rofi to for my menus! All my menus! It's a beautiful and pragmatic program for sure! Be sure to look into it.
Well, I still need to understand why I can't clear the notifications popups and in the center, using deadd-notification-center. I'm....

Polybar layout...
One thing at a time.

Seems like a plan!
Where's the will? I'll find it after finally seeing some results.

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