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Your github repositories: chaos or order?

fyodorio profile image Fyodor ・1 min read

Do you keep your GitHub repo list in order by cleaning it regularly and keeping the apps up to date? Or you prefer storing a pile of experiments there to avoid losing some important one (or for any other reason)?

Are there people ho have several GitHub accounts (for work and personal needs)? How do you deal with that at all?

(the cover image by Jordan Beltran kinda illustrates my own situation now, so I'm seeking for a way outta here) 😁

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Kevin Hoyt

I have a repository for each of the companies by which I have been employed. They hold mostly what I call “pattern projects” - interesting ideas that never took off, but that I may like to reference again some day. I also put my conference/meetup talks (code and slides) from those eras in those repositories after some time has passed and they no longer look like they are being referenced. Otherwise those talks exist in there own repositories using the conference name.

I was recently laid off, and have been updating the main readme for each of those employer repositories to be a narrative of the work I did. A kind of “If you interviewed me, here is what I would actually tell you about those bullet points in my CV.” I put links to videos, slides, screenshots, etc in that readme as well (when not violating IP).

Last but not least are repositories for my side projects. I have been cleaning those up as well by reducing them in number to show only my favorite work. As I start my job search, every employer seems to want to review your GitHub code, and my goal with my latest cleanup has been to make it as easy as possible for them to discover, and hopefully be impressed by my skills.

And... Um... Now that I think about it... Jeez, I spend a lot of time keeping up my account. 😁

fyodorio profile image
Fyodor Author

wow... that actually sounds like an awesome system, I wish I could have such attention to details 👍

and have you ever received a feedback on your repository set from potential employer? what was it?

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Kevin Hoyt

Ha! Thanks!

Nope. No feedback yet. The last time I was on the hunt for employment was five years ago, and nobody I interviewed with back then asked for my GitHub account. This time around I see the request for the account frequently, but I have not received any feedback. Maybe because they have seen my code?! 🤪