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Technical Interview Questions

So it is 2020 and probably the hardest time to get a job in tech. Job requirements are longer than the number of languages that exist and everyone expects you to know front, back and everything in between. Two, three, even four rounds of interviews, hours on site for whiteboarding sessions and even some take home assignments.

It has all gotten a bit out of control and during this #coronavirus2020 #socialdistancing, I decided to build something to help those in need. It's nothing revolutionary, just another tiny piece of the web to help others get information they may be looking for.

I was listening to one of my favorite podcast the other day on this exact topic and it sparked the idea. Guess speaker Paulo, who has years of experience not only in tech but also in leadership talked about his struggles while interviewing for a job in 2020. He goes in depth about the ups and downs of his recent adventure and also touches on some of the technical questions he was asked.

Seeing myself encounter the same struggles at some point in the near future, I thought to myself, there has to be a something out there for this. Right after the podcast was done, I set out to find a resource that would list out some of these questions along with their answers. Something like code signal but with real world examples, answers and maybe even what company asked them.

Nothing. I could not find anything. Maybe I didn't look hard enough. Regardless, I set out to build something to fill this void. Simple UI with informative questions and snippets of code along with what companies are asking (not required).

I truly love that there are so many awesome tools out there that allow me to get an idea from just that, an idea to a finished product in just a few days. Built with NextJS, Firebase, Aloglia and deployed with Zeit Now.

There isn't much on there now, but hopefully it can one day be a resource for the community.

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