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Create a fullstack* Angular App with one line of code

Introducing create-angular-auth-nav, a groundbreaking CLI tool designed to streamline the process of setting up new Angular projects with authentication and navigation features right out of the box. This package is a boon for developers looking to fast-track their Angular application development without compromising on quality or scalability.

With create-angular-auth-nav, jumpstart your Angular application equipped with a robust authentication system powered by Node.js, Express, Passport.js, and Bcrypt. Tailored to save you hours of coding and configuration, this tool scaffolds a project where you can immediately start adding your unique business logic and UI components.

Why create-angular-auth-nav?
Rapid Setup:
Generate a fully operational Angular project with pre-configured authentication and routing in mere minutes.

Secure Authentication:
Leverages Passport.js and Bcrypt for a secure authentication setup, ensuring your application's security from the get-go.

Customizable Template:
While offering a comprehensive starter template, it allows for easy customization to suit your specific project needs.

Enhanced Productivity:
Frees developers from the repetitive setup tasks, allowing them to focus on feature development and user experience enhancements.

Getting Started

To kick off your Angular project, simply run:

npx create-angular-auth-nav

This command creates a new directory with all the necessary setup for authentication and navigation. Follow the on-screen instructions to navigate into your project directory and launch the development server.

Embrace the Future of Angular Development

Embrace create-angular-auth-nav for your next Angular project and set a new standard for rapid development and high-quality code. Visit the npm package page for detailed documentation and advanced customization options.

App preview:
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text


This cli project create-angular-auth-nav is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind. The creators of this package shall not be held liable for any claims, damages, or other liabilities arising from its use. Your use of this tool constitutes acceptance of these terms.

Elevate your Angular development workflow with create-angular-auth-nav today and experience unparalleled efficiency in bringing your applications to life.

*Database is missing from this app,as that depends on user's needs.

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