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Discussion on: How do you handle unproductive days at work?

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Kshitij Aggarwal • Edited on

Some steps that I follow and somewhere down the line I generally feel better:

  1. Close everything (browsers, IDE, etc.) on my laptop. The idea is to clear my mind from busy thoughts and triggers.
  2. Get up and walk around a little.
  3. Get a beverage of my choice. It depends on the weather if it's hot or cold.
  4. Put on some bass heavy pumping music.
  5. Talk to my colleagues if they are available about work or non-work related stuff. But definitely let them know that you are not feeling yourself right now. this acknowledgment and sharing alone put's me on a positive mindset.
  6. Play some games
  7. Brainstorm on some engineering problem you/your team/your company is facing. This way I'll get some work done even when you are not actually working.
  8. And if all fails, take a proper break. Read a book. Have family time. Take a nap.
  9. And most importantly, go easy on yourself. Don't prosecute yourself. Accept that its not a good day and relax.