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Functional Javascript • Edited

I've been running Firefox since yesterday afternoon, to check how well it works on its latest version.

It's been pretty good. Pretty performant.
I've been writing down the pros and cons as I use it.

I notice the bookmarks list is now similar to Vivaldi's (like a File Explorer) but the Vivaldi bookmark manager still is much better.

Here are some Firefox cons I've written down:

  • a black transition screen when switching to fullscreen of a vid
  • invasive popover message each time you fullscreen a video
  • bookmark leftpane doesn't have count of bookmarks in each folder, and doesn't seem to have shortcut keys for moving bookmarks around
  • the ctrl-f or F3 find feature opens a UI widget that resizes the viewport
  • in youtube, the caption keep moving back to the default position on the bottom after the end of each sentence refresh
  • no separate search engine search bar, allowing a dropdown to select the default search engine, though I was able to assign letters to each search engine, like "g" for google, to prefix each search with. UPDATE: I found in the settings you can add a dedicated search bar to the toolbar. You can set focus in it with ctrl-E, just like in Vivaldi.
  • nearly no customization
  • no custom keybindings


After 24 hours of having the Firefox browser open, playing videos (whether youtube or bitchute or others) is getting VERY sluggish and really sucking up CPU. Non-video tabs are running fine.

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maxdevjs Author • Edited

Interesting... I did not stress test Vivaldi yet, just set it up partially (and found it has a white transition screen when switching to fullscreen of a video :) ).

Some times a few FF extensions get crazy, eating a lot of RAM. I had to quit and relaunch the browser a couple times after a few weeks of uninterrupted use, otherwise I restart it only after an update.

Do you mind to repost your comment here?

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