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Discussion on: 4 Ways to Combine Strings in JavaScript

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Functional Javascript • Edited

Great work Samantha.

Performance Test

const icon = '👋';

timeInLoop("template literal", 1e6, () => `hi ${icon}`);

timeInLoop("plus operator", 1e6, () => "hi " + icon);

timeInLoop("concat func", 1e6, () => ''.concat('hi ', icon));

timeInLoop("arr join", 1e6, () => ['hi', icon].join(' '));

run 1 million times each

template literal: 1e+6:     14.575ms
plus operator:    1e+6:     53.776ms
concat func:      1e+6:     391.723ms
arr join:         1e+6:     681.97ms


Source Code for timeInLoop func

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Samantha Ming Author

Great! thanks for the performance test 👏

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