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Sharing quick tips on Product of the Day for Product Hunt

Hey everyone, this is Shawn, CEO of FUNCTION12 and our team made #1 on Product of the Day.

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Our counts

  • Upvotes 1,162
  • Comments: 512
  • Day rank: #1

📝How we prepared it:

  1. Started the preparation a month prior to the launch
  2. Drafted a to-do list and assigned who would be doing what
  3. Sent emails, shared on social media, and let our friends and colleagues know about our launch 2-7 days prior to the launch

🚀On the launch day:

  1. Make sure the whole team is on Product Hunt for the next 24 hours constantly
  2. Let everyone know about your launch on social media and communities
  3. Send emails to your users to let them know about the launch
  4. Engage in the Product Hunt community and talk to different makers

Some of the extra tips I would like to share are:

Let your audience know about your launch
It’s important to gather and announce the launch to as many supporters as possible that know your product well in advance. Although new hunters and makers will show interest, it’s also important for your audience to engage as well and show their support too. We've sent D-7, D-1, D-Day emails along with many, many social media posts and DMs to let everyone know about it.

Be prepared for everything, anything
Once your product is on top of the page, great traffic will naturally be engaged to your website and product. Make sure your server is ready for such visitors and along with various questions left on customer service answered immediately. It’s important to have these new audiences have their curiosities answered and fully test our product smoothly.

Engage, actively
Not only have your team actively engaged in the product page’s comment section, but also engage in posts that you upload on your social media, and community posts so that more audiences can visit your product page. It’s also great to actively participate in the discussion community in Product Hunt where you can discuss and share great tips related to the Product Hunt launch!

You can check out FUNCTION12 product page here:

Good luck to all the makers out there!

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