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Essential Productivity Tools For Software Development Team

Why developers need productivity tools

When it comes to coding, code quality or productivity isn’t only about the speed or the number of code lines. Instead, team effort is the essence of productivity in software development. To enhance productivity with team effort, it’s important to find the tools that can assist the team with effortless communication, cooperation, and workflow.

1. Tabnine

An AI-based code completion tool, Tabnine, has a record of over 1 million downloads by developers in various languages including Python, PHP, Java, JavaScript, C++, Go, and Rust.

Reduce your mistakes and discover best practices while you code. The best part about Tabnine is that it plugs right into all the most popular IDEs such as Visual Studio Code, Atom, Sublime, IntelliJ’s suite, and even Vim.


2. Lightrun

Lightrun helps gain the code-level ability to observe without the need to deploy. It lets you add metrics and logs, as well as track your code from your CLI or IDE in an on-demand environment in real-time.

This capability saves your team time and works on monolith microservices, Kubernetes, Docker Swarms, ECS, Big Data works, serverless, and more.


3. Komodor

Komodor allows everyone to overlook everything and the status with such centralization. It can be connected to Slack for alerts and help development teams troubleshoot faster by providing you with the ability to track your system from end to end.


4. Tuple

A real-time collaborating app, Tuple, is a macOS app for integrated remote pair programming. It also allows you to have both a mouse and a keyboard. This means that you don’t have to wait for your coding partner to finish what they’re doing so you can begin. You can code, collaborate, and chat all at the same time.


5. SpectralOps

SpectralOPS is a security tool in code automation that provides checking and scanning in automation to alleviate security misconfigurations caused by malpractices or human error.


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