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Looking for a nice git client for Linux. Recommendations?

Do you use a git client on Linux or have you tried one before? Which would you recommend?

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Amritanshu Pandey

I think command line is the best way to use git. You learn a lot more that way.

Only time i use a gui client is for viewing the diff. I use meld as a gui diff tool on linux.

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I agree command line is a good way to learn. But when it comes to viewing branch paths and having other visual aids, a git client comes handy.

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Danny Kim

git log --all --graph --oneline

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Oh wow that's handy to know, thanks!

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Justin Ho

I use GitHub Desktop on my mac but I think the new GitHub cli along with git on command line is really well integrated.

If you want more visual feedback on the command line, try programs like forgit with colored terminal outputs to get the tree like view and in depth info on each commit.

I wrote about it in a post here:

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consider biting the bullet and switching to an editor with good built-in git support.

vscode+gitlens is a pretty powerful combination. add codestream to the mix (disclaimer: i'm the ceo) and it's even better.

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Ostap Brehin • Edited

Sublime Merge !

Well-written, from the same company as Sublime Text.

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Here's a fork of the official Github Desktop GUI:

I use git cli for most things but it's a great UI for past commits, branch management. Oh it's electron, so definitely recommend closing the app after you're finished with it to save memory.

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Jason C. McDonald

VS Code has a good one. Although, honestly, I mostly use the command line.

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I use the built in Git tools within PHPStorm. I used to use git kraken when it was free, but when they changed to paid and completely locked off private repos I dropped it. Wasn't worth the cost when git cli and PHPStorm handles it for me

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I using Git CLI

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Uddeshya Singh

Git CLI. Classic is seriously the coolest (IMO)

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Matt Ellen

I use emacs, so if you hate emacs you can ignore this.

magit is easy to learn. It has helpful hints and good diff displaying. It isn't a GUI, but it is easier to use than the plain command line.