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Chris Frewin
Chris Frewin

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Public Service Announcement: The Star Wars API ( Is Down!

As the title says, this is more an alert than a full-fledged post.

As a lot of us know, this was a great tool to quickly test some async / API behavior! (Not to mention it's used in hundreds (maybe thousands?!) of existing tutorials and in examples of repositories!

Does anybody know the maintainer or what happened? Or if it will come back anytime soon? That thing's been around as long as I've been a dev...

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Nathan Pointer

Checking out the github page ( it looks like swapi is no longer actively maintained and is not guaranteed to be up. Looks like PokeApi is currently up though.

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Chris Frewin • Edited

Nice, I'll have to check out PokeApi as an alternative.

Someone replied to the same information I had posted on twitter, apparently, is trying to be the successor to the original swapi.

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Sonyl Nagale

It seems that is using a puma-dev cert, which is no longer accepted by macOS... interesting. Also, from the linked article, it sounds like PokéAPI may die any moment also.

I'm seriously considering standing up my own of both. Anyone have thoughts?

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Ryan Curtis

If you're still looking, is available

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Rodolpho Alves • Edited

Hey, just to add my two cents:

While studying Deno and some of its REST Frameworks I've actually created a "port" of the SWApi.

It's not the same thing (mostly because I find the way they envelope data not hepful for the amount of data being transmited) but it still might be helpful for quickly getting a hang of doing http calls with any programming language.

The source code is available on this GitHub repo and it's currently published on

GitHub logo rodolphocastro / deno-swapi

A StarWars API written with Deno and powered by Oak and Svelte!

🚀 SWApi Deno

A RESTful API containing Star Wars data!

🏆 Acknowledgements

Thanks to @phalt for his work on the original Swapi and to @juriy for his work on the current

💻 Endpoints

Currently we support the following endpoints.

🎥 Films / Movies

  • All (GET api/films)
  • Single (GET api/films/{id})

🧬 Species

  • All (GET api/species/)
  • Single (GET api/species/{id})

🚗 Vehicles

  • All (GET api/vehicles/)
  • Single (GET api/vehicles/{id})

🚀 Starships

  • All (GET api/starships/)
  • Single (GET api/starships/{id})

🌍 Planets

  • All (GET api/planets/)
  • Single (GET api/planets/{id})

🤼 People

  • All (GET api/people/)
  • Single (GET api/people/{id})

🌌 Portal

Currently we have a portal that presents some information about the API.

This portal is powered by Svelte and its code can be found on the /portal subdirectory!


Using in

There's also a post published here about my motivation behind rewriting it and how it's currently deploy, however I wrote that post in Portuguese 😅

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Yusuf Kolawole

Thanks alot, you just saved me