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New money idea in HTML, CSS and ECMAScript

Some time ago I wondered how money was different from sea shells. I began to study banking and become the idea to create my own banknote.

Alt Text

I have carefully reviewed existing moneys and reproduce them in HTML, CSS and native ECMAScript.

Main protection technology of this note named Lave(international XLV) based on watermark and guilloche print. Design of this cache also based on View Port Units and support any screen resolution(to 8k and more).

Banknotes is reponsive and canvas element contains guilloche print adaptive to screen resolution.

You can look at the cash in internet browser here:

So. The money is developed and I'm going to open my own bank.

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Alohe • Edited

Money is just a number In a database : )

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Dmitry Maltsev • Edited

Idea of Lave money is a bill with some value on user account. When user need to buy something system creates exchange crypto code with value of money and owner. To buy something or give money to another person you need to copy and paste this code and apporve transaction. When code puted to market place API decrypts it and render banknote with value and unical guiloche print. There are no fixed value for banknote and it can be of any quantity. It's not a crypto currency but used some crypto techniques to make transactions and purchases. This trick makes Lave money legal in all of the world because no any real transaction with currency performed(it's not a buy operation in law sense).