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Facundo Ezequiel Diaz Cappella
Facundo Ezequiel Diaz Cappella

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Android Game with Angular Ionic

Hello, I create this post only to share my first trivia game for Android created with Angular Ionic 5.

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I did this small game to get some knowledge with Angular Ionic, I already have experience working with Angular, and was easy to adapt to Angular Ionic.

It's a simple game about flags from countries, you have to select the correct one. (I know you can found a thousand games similars)

I still working to improve and fix some bugs, but the game is already done to play.

Also, this game has a ranking where every user can compete with other players.

If you are starting with angular ionic like me and need help creating your first game, let me know I will try to help you.

If you want to download the game for Android:

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