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Why does a PHP Developer need to use codeigniter framework?

Codeigniter is a PHP Framework with a small footprint and is used to build dynamic web applications using the elegant toolkit, libraries, and helpers provided in it.

Why does a PHP Developer need to use this framework?

1) Small Foot Print
Codeigniter comes with a small footprint that is 1.2MB download and a user guide of 6MB, and its folder structure is very easy to understand and maintain for dynamic web applications.

2) Performace
Codeigniter gives us a better performance on run time as it contains a small footprint and was built on PHP Programming Language which is more popular and old.

3) Security
Codeigniter is highly secure as it supports CSRF and XSS which are very commonly used in web applications to prevent the application from attacks.

4) Clear cut Documentations and Support
Codeigniter has very clear documentation and for one who downloads the Codeigniter by default, it contains the user guide. Codeigniter has vast support across various platforms such as StackOverflow and GitHub as it has a great number of contributors and developers.

For more information about features and architecture visit the link

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