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Discussion on: Announcing CSML, a new open-source language dedicated to building powerful, enterprise-ready and interoperable chatbots

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Francois Falala-Sechet Author

Hi Thomas!

I understand the frustration and I'm sorry about that. The language will indeed be open source, and in the close future when people stumble on this article, it will not be as misleading... We wrote this article (originally on medium) around mid-November and I just reposted it here yesterday without changing the dates. It's just a matter of days now!

We are close enough so that I can give manual access to the source code right now to anyone who wants to see it now, but still need to cleanup some things before we release it entirely. Some emergencies (both personal and professional), as well as the strikes in Paris and the seasonal illnesses of team members annihilated our efforts to release it before Christmas :-(

Thanks for commenting in any case and I hope you have a look at this later! :-)