What I Did Not Know About Scala And Its Standard Library

Frank Rosner on November 30, 2017

Introduction I am working with Scala as my main programming language for about three years now. I recently went through some basic Sca... [Read Full]
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Hey, I loved this article! I am also a new one to start learning Scala programming from hackr.io/tutorials/learn-scala Can you tell me what's the scope of this programming language as a future point of view.


Hi! :)
It probably not so relevant anymore, but for future generations:
I think it's a good practice to research topics like that via jobs openings. A great start might be stackoverflow.com/jobs, for example


Hi! Glad you liked it:)

What do you mean by scope of the language exactly? What you typically do with it?

Well most people use it for back end development although there are some options for front end like Scala.js.

I used it heavily with Apache Spark, as data analysis and functional programming are a nice combination IMO.

Does that answer your question? In the end it's not so much about the art, but the artist (or not the tools but what you make with them).



What a powerful language! It's so powerful you can do great things with it or open the gates of hell as well ;) . loved the article.


Haha thanks for the feedback! I totally agree. If something is syntactically correct it is most likely going to end up in your code base. So will we be opening the gates eventually?

I like to use codacy.com/. It provides automated code reviews which gives you some ways to avoid anti-patterns.


Great and very useful information. I have found some useful tutorials of scala at letsfindcourse.com/scala does the tutorials available there can help me to learn scala?


Hi! I'm not familiar with that site but it looks rather fishy to me. Doesn't even use HTTPS. If I were you I'd stick to coursera.org/ or scala-exercises.org/, or even manning.com/books/functional-progr..., which is an amazing book!

Plus I can see that you are suggesting that site also in other posts. Are you affiliated with it in some way?

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