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re: you said "A sliding window moves along the time axis, grouping together events that happen within the window length s." and the Flink blog said "Fo...

I think the terminology is a bit confusing and the differences between the windows are subtle.

An additional window slide parameter controls how frequently a sliding window is started

By the definition used in my post a sliding window is started based on the data and not based on a fixed parameter.

For example, you could have windows of size 10 minutes that slides by 5 minutes

This corresponds to a hopping window of 10 minute size, hopping 5 minutes.

What I'm trying to say is what Flink calls sliding windows are hopping windows in my post.

Makes sense?

yes. it makes sense what you argued about hopping windows. I have decided to send a message on your post because I saw your table which does not include sliding windows for Flink. So, I guess I could conclude that because Flink has to types of Sliding window, the second type with a second parameter is actually a hopping window in your concept. Nice discussion by the way. Thanks

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