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re: This is really interesting. I'm a big user of remote state but the S3 bucket and DynamoDB table are shared between lots of components so they're cr...

Hi Graham,

Thank you for your comment! Would you mind sharing the wrapper tool? Is it open source? The method shown in this post only works if you are using the DynamoDB table and S3 bucket exclusively, I guess. When sharing the remote state resources I assume you specify a different S3 key in every project and create a new DynamoDB table for each project centrally?

I personally found the workspaces and symbolic links pretty awkward to use and I'd go with committing the local state to version control. I wanted to give it a try though and thought it's worth sharing :)


Hey Frank,

The wrapper code is open but it's not well documented enough or supported outside the organisation in which it's used just yet for it to be properly open-source:

You're welcome to take a look and marvel at the lack of warranty.

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