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State of Emmet

I love and find it a very underrated plugin.
Perhaps this is because there are some frameworks and templating engines that I don't know about as a beginner, and I guess most developers do not write their projects from scratch but come to existing ones.

Earlier this year, I discovered several bugs within it. A friend of mine was telling me about how flexbox and grid layouts work and showed me a few Emmet shortcuts. I noticed that they work fine on Codepen, but behave completely differently in the VSCode.

As a result, I ended up testing all the abbreviations I learned about in 4 editors (VSCode, Brackets, SublimeText, Atom) and on CodePen.

Today I finally decided to write about them, went to GitHub, opened several Issues in case there was already such a problem, and came across other similar bugs.

At this moment, I realized that I have questions for which there are no clear answers anywhere on the web.

What to consider the main Emmet plugin?
How to distinguish a problem with the plugin itself and conflict with the editor?
Where is it better to write about those kinds of bugs? To the Emmet? To the code editors?

And the most important ones:
Does Emmet still alive? Or is it slowly dying, keeping only on the energy of enthusiasts? If it is, why?

P.S. Don't get me wrong, auto suggestions / textual completions in editors is a cool thing, but typing code without even looking at them is whole other experience.

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