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Free Online Storybook Conference 2023 ️‍🔥

On March 14, 2023, Storybook will host their very first conference 🥳 and this is exciting because you can learn timesaving workflows 💪 and get an overview of trending projects in the storybook community.

They will announce and discuss their latest version 7. This version is their first version in two years which the team have rearchitected for speed 🏃, performance ⌛, and stability 👍.

Version 7

Some of the exciting changes are the following:

💅 Design refresh
🏎️ Performance overhaul
📝 Docs revamp with MDX 2
🕹️ Interaction testing
🚥 Test runner powered by Jest
📈 Test coverage to generate lcov reports
🧩 Framework API for zero-config
🔖 Component Story Format 3.0 is default
⚡ Vite support (supports latest version v4)
✅ TypeScript just works (supports latest version 4.9)
🎨 Figma integration sneak peek
▲ NextJS auto-config
🦾 SvelteKit auto-config

There are hundreds more improvements other than these and you can check them out here if you have the time.

What is Storybook?

If you do you not know what Storybook is this is a tool to help you build UI components and pages in isolation. This gives you the power not to worry about data 🗂️, APIs or any business logic and as a developer you would know how this might be tricky or difficult this is to setup.

Who uses Storybook?

Thousands of teams already uses Storybook for development, testing, and documentation which includes big and leading companies like Github, Microsoft, Adobe, Wordpress and along with others and this list is expected to eventually grow more in the future.

How to sign up?

You can sign up now and get your ticket to join the online conference. The best thing of this all is that it is free. Here is the (link)[]. All that is required is to drop an email 📧 and you are in. 

I hope to see you on the event. 👋

Here is the video version if it is a medium of your preference:

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