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Writing tests for my GitHub action

After writing the basic code for my GitHub action for the actionhackathon. I was thinking of how to increase the quality of code and to follow the software engineering best practices.

I thought I should write tests for my action as it is an essential part of software engineering life-cycle.


Writing tests in JS

Since most of the code in my GitHub action is using axios to send API requests to the DEV server. I have to test the API requests.

To test this code, I have come across Axios Mock adapter, which mocks the API calls for testing purposes.

I have used this mocking-library with Jest, a testing framework for JavaScript.

Installing libraries

npm install axios-mock-adapter --save-dev
npm install jest --save-dev
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Mocking request

Below is the example from the official docs.

var axios = require("axios");
var MockAdapter = require("axios-mock-adapter");

var mock = new MockAdapter(axios);

mock.onGet("/users").reply(200, {
  users: [{ id: 1, name: "John Smith" }],

axios.get("/users").then(function (response) {
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Testing with Jest

// require libraries

var mock = new MockAdapter(axios);

// Mocking
mock.onPost(url + "/articles").reply(201, {});

// Writing Test
test("Testing a 201 (created) response", () => {
  var data = {};
  expect(createPost(data, "secret")).toBeTruthy(); // Test passes if the value is truthy

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Now add a script in your package.json as

"scripts": {
    "test": "jest" // To run jest
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Now run the following command

npm run test
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You'll see All test passed messages in the console.


Source Code

GitHub logo frikishaan / dev-action

GitHub action to create a post on for each release published on Github.

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