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Codebin - MongoDB Atlas Hackathon 2022 Submission

What I built

I have built a platform (Codebin) where user can create and view their code snippets. Users can access the list of snippets anytime using this platform.

Category Submission:

Think Outside the JS Box

App Link

The application is live at


codebin home page

codebin snippets list

codebin create snippet form

codebin view snippet


This platform is used to create and view code snippets.
The users can view all their code snippets from the dashboard.
The users can also add tags snippets.
There is also a search feature available in the app which uses the MongoDB atlas' full-text search feature. It helps users to find the snippet quickly.

Link to Source Code

GitHub logo frikishaan / codebin

This app is used to create and access code snippets. It is created for a hackathon on Dev.


This is a app created for MongoDB hackathon on Dev.

Tech stack

  • ASP.NET Core (C#)
  • MongoDB
  • Auth0
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • Docker

Live Demo

Live demo is available here.

Permissive License



I got inspiration from the Pastebin, where user can create pastes with any content and access them from anywhere. So I decided to make an application where users can store their code snippets and access them whenever they need from the dashboard.
Users can also search the code snippets using the full-text search functionality built using the MongoDB's in-built feature.

How I built it

I used MongoDB as a primary database for the application.

mongodb atlas dashboard

I learned how to use MongoDB with .NET applications.

I have also used MongoDB's Full-text search feature to search for code snippets for a user in application.

mongo db atlas search index

codebin search feature

I also learned some do's and don't while creating a .NET Core application.

I have also learned implementing authentication using Auth0 in a .NET Core application.

Additional Resources/Info

  1. Courses from MongoDB

  2. Building ASP.NET app with MongoDB

  3. Creating RESTful APIs using .NET Core

  4. Adding Auth0 in .NET Core App

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