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UI Framework for Flutter. What should be included in?

Hello everyone!
I'm tired of doing the same type of things for each of my pet projects.

And I thought about creating a UI microframework for Flutter with common and base widgets / theming and flows which are most often found in all applications.

Flutter packages infrastructure already have solutions for this issue

1) GetWidget

"GetWidget has 1000+ pre-build widgets that you can reuse to develop both Flutter mobile app and web app. Our motto is to provide the best Flutter UI library to the Flutter community to speed up their development process and build awesome apps with pre-build Flutter Library Components."

GetWidget preview

This solution is cool!
But for me, this package has overloaded functionality.

When I talk about standard functions, I don't mean creating a million types of buttons on top of the standard Flutter buttons


"A powerful UI framework for Google Flutter"

FLUI example

For me it is an similar library to the previous one.
The components look very ordinary. And it won't speed up development time for me.

3) flutter_neumorphic

"A complete, ready to use, Neumorphic ui kit for Flutter"

Image description

A wonderful package that I have used a few times. But that's not what I need either. This package is useful when you need to make a neumorphic UI.


As a result, I can either:

  • Make up the functionality I need from scratch.
    ⚠️ For a very long time for a pet project

  • Or take it from different packages.
    ⚠️ What does it mean to expand the list of dependencies of your application to exorbitant sizes

What do I want?

I will definitely create such a framework for my own purposes.
But before that I want to hear your opinion

  • What do you expect from such a solution in general and what would be a reason to use it?

  • What kind of flows would you like to see in this framework?
    (Authorization, Menu, Products Cart, ...)

  • What widgets would you like to see in this framework ?
    (Buttons, TextForms, Modals, ...)

I am waiting for your opinion to discuss in the comments !
Thanks a lot for your reactions ❤️

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professorjrod • Edited

Another great post! I think personally, I would want buttons, a navigation, and modals at a minimum. Usually for auth I'd use some OAuth service, and I wouldn't want to trust a framework for that. A menu and cart would be cool too!

Keep it up!

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Stanislav Ilin

Thank you so much for your comment!
Why don't you like the idea of adding a login form ?
Won 't be needed even if it 's just a UI form ?

jaredm profile image

I think I misunderstand. A login form would be great

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Muhamad Jamil

personally i would want some Alert, BottomSheet, Button, Modal, Tooltip, Spinner, Skeleton

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Stanislav Ilin

Thank you so much for your feedback! Would you like to participate in the creation of this solution ?

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Muhamad Jamil

I want to, but with my lack of experience with flutter, it seems that it will be difficult,
i will just waiting what come next 👀

Thread Thread
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Stanislav Ilin

Good! I want to make the development of this solution as open and understandable as possible for developers so that everyone can contribute

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Stanislav Ilin