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What Are the Top PWA Frameworks in 2021?

Providing the best user experience across different devices is a priority for every website today. Many attempts have been made to combine the web experience with mobile devices. Moreover, the advent of Progressive Web Apps or PWAs has revolutionized the web experience for mobile users. And PWA development has become popular today.

A PWA provides a top-notch web experience and combines the experience of a web app and a native mobile app. Indeed, a PWA offers an app-like experience because it is installable and runs in a separate browser window with its own UI. If you want to build a PWA for your business, then you can choose a PWA framework to build the one. The following are the top PWA frameworks in 2021 to choose from. Or reach out to the top reliable PWA development company.


It was started in 2010 by Google and is one of the most popular front-end development frameworks. It offers features to create a wide range of web applications. With Angular 5, it also started supporting PWA web development. It enables developers to create progressive web apps with JSON configuration that reduce the chance of developing them from scratch. You can opt for Angular for your PWA development services to build a great web app.

Pros of Angular

Easy implementation and clearly defined methodology.
Smooth operations and reliable support are available all time because of Google’s maintenance.
Vast community support.
Learning is reduced with the introduction of CLI.


Facebook rolled it out in 2013. Due to its extensive JavaScript library, it has gained a lot of popularity among the developer community. React.js is quite helpful for progressive web app development services as it allows developers to create both single-page and multi-page web apps. It uses JSX for connecting to HTML structures and creating PWA solutions. 

Pros of ReactJS

It allows the development of highly flexible and scalable PWAs with additional packages.
The same code is reusable for native applications.
ReactJS comes with Virtual DOM that offers faster performance. 
It allows generating static and dynamic web pages using various JavaScript libraries.


Microsoft developed it, and it is an open-source web framework. It provides a quick way of creating components for web apps that are responsive. PWABuilder has strong community support and offers features for creating robust progressive web applications.  

Pros of PWABuilder

With minor or no development work, this framework can convert a website into PWA.
It offers a simple way to start the development process. Simply enter the website URL in the input line, and it starts analyzing the required components for PWA development. 
A PWA is generated that can be downloaded or enhanced with additional functionalities. 


It is developed by Google and comes with PWA tools, templates, and web components. It makes the use of standards web technologies like HTML and CSS along with JSS that make it a unique web framework. With the help of the Polymer framework, developers can build robust progressive web apps with excellent features. 

Pros of Polymer

It offers an easy-to-understand API.
It provides comprehensive documentation, making implementation easier.
Polymer offers a web app development stack with features like data tier, responsive layouts, routing, and more.

If you want to explore more about PWA and how it can be beneficial for your business, then everything you need to know about PWA is worth reading for you. 

Final note

The popularity of progressive web apps is increasing and the demand for PWA development is rising. PWA frameworks have become the best means to meet this demand. By using these frameworks, developers can create top-notch progressive web apps. If you have a plan to build a PWA, then choosing the right PWA framework is important to get the highest returns on your investment. You can partner with a reliable PWA development company to develop a perfect progressive web app for your business.  

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