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The Modern Guide to Packaging Your JavaScript Library

I had a lot of questions when it came to packaging up my JavaScript library, such as:

  • minify?
  • output to single file or maintain file/folder structure?
  • have an esm build (or cjs)?
  • transpile or not? (e.g. jsx -> createElement)
  • package.exports setup?
  • other package.json settings? (e.g. type)
  • multiple outputs - dev/prod?
  • what is "double bundling"?

With the hope of answering these questions, and more, I created the Modern Guide to Packaging Your JavaScript Library.

I created it on GitHub so that, as time goes on, it will (hopefully) remain fresh and updated - if I had written it as an article, then no one else could have contributed as easily, and it may have gone stale.

Hopefully this guide is helpful to you, too.

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