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Agoda Backend Engineer Interview


Agoda is one of the world’s largest online travel accommodation platforms. Back in 2019, I gave an interview with them and got an offer for backend software engineer. I will be sharing the complete details of my interview experience in this article.

A more detailed version of my interview can be found in my medium article here.

Agoda Hiring Process

  • Resume shortlisting
  • Hackerrank screening test
  • 2 Skype technical rounds
  • 4 F2F onsite technical rounds
  • Final offer stage

Screening Test

This was on hackerrank and had 25 MCQs with 2 additional coding questions.

Skype Round 1

The interviewer gave 2 coding problems:

After this, he also touched upon some general technical questions.

Skype Round 2

The interviewer gave 1 coding problem:

After this, he started asking about basics of Distributed Systems like CAP Theorem and some general technical questions.

Since I cleared the Skype screening rounds they flew me to their Bangkok office and conducted the onsite rounds.

Onsite Round 1

Interviewer started off with a simple system design question:

  • How to replicate data across multiple data centers (DCs)?

After this, he asked me describe my current project on a white board.

Onsite Round 2

Interviewer asked 2 coding questions:

Onsite Round 3

Interviewer started off with the famous egg dropping problem.

After this, he asked some general technical questions.

Onsite Round 4

Interviewer gave a system design problem:

Design a sim card store system that gives you 3 sim cards on demand and each of them has a 10 digit long phone number.
- The generated numbers should be very hard to predict.
- We need to keep track of the phone numbers that are sold out and also the total unused numbers the system has at any point of time.
- Phone numbers should be stored very efficiently and retrieval of available phone numbers should be fast.
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After a few days of the interview, I got a call from recruiter saying they are making me an offer!!

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