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sentry docker run notice

I have the same problem with the version 8.8.0
I did the same that cuirongqing but it doesnt work. also beat is not any more in sentry?
celery is deprecated?, I put enviroment variables and links to redis and postgres contairnes with worker and cron, also in website of sentry in Queue shows changes but in the part of the email test shows this "STARTTLS extension not supported by server"

I am using the smtp of gmail
docker run -d --name my-sentry -e SENTRY_SECRET_KEY='the generate secret key' -e -e -e SENTRY_EMAIL_PORT=587 -e -e SENTRY_EMAIL_PASSWORD=xxxxxxx -e SENTRY_EMAIL_USE_TLS=True --link my-redis:redis --link my-postgres:postgres --restart always -p 8080:9000 sentry

The same with the worker and cron.

PD: sorry for my english.

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