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Interests and current projects

  • 🏎 I am a huge fan of Formula 1
  • ⛏ Minecraft is my go-to game when I am bored
  • 🤖My strongest skillset is Discord bots
  • I am currently contributing to Reddit TikTok Bot

Big Projects

  • I have several bots that I am maintaining and improving on a weekly basis, I have never had an unhappy customer and I hope to keep it that way!

  • 🌟 LewisBot: One of my largest projects yet which I am so grateful to lead. LewisBot is a Discord bot I am developing for the aspiring (and inspiring) tech youtuber, Lewis Menelaws. { Contact Lewis }

Tools and Languages

SQLite Visual Studio Code Discord API

PythonGit GitHub

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Andrew Baisden

Hi, there welcome to DEV!