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4 Sites to Download PNG Images for Free

A series of sites where you can download icons, clips and images in PNG format with transparent background that can also be used for commercial purposes.

A selection of sites where you can download images, icons, clips in .PNG format even with a transparent background.
Also I suggest you some online services for converting and compressing images.
When you download an image from the web, carefully check the usage license. Some sites require a backlink to use the resource.

The PNG vs Jpg format
Portable Network Graphics (acronym PNG) is a file format used to store images in lossless compressed format. It is recommended for presentation icons and images. PNG can store 24-bit images. By way of comparison, the GIF is limited to 8 bits and 256 colors. PNG allows you to have the background transparent.

The JPG format has excellent compression which, however, is done at the expense of data loss or can no longer return to the original image because the compression operation is not reversible.
With this format, the advice I can give you is to keep the original (master) of the image and then proceed with a copy of the same with the compression application before uploading to the web.

In conclusion, the PNG format is less efficient with images that contain too many details such as photographs, while for sharing photos it is better to use the Jpg format.

Image source search tools
If you need to look for the source of an image or where it has already been used, here are some useful sites for this purpose.

Image description
With you can search the web for images. Upload the image with the appropriate option to find out in which sites it has been used. When you use an image you find on the net, always check the license for use. Some licenses do not require you to use the images for derivative works. is a free PNG images where you can download high quality transparent PNG images with no background. Over 300,000 free high resolution transparent PNG photos online. The license to use is indicated in the tab of each image.
Online compression of PNG images. Recommended for use if you need to upload images for a website or a social network.
Converts WebP images (compressed format for high resolution images created by Google for webmasters) to PNG and APNG (Animated PNG) formats

I have selected some sites where I found interesting images in PNG format to use for my websites,

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