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Top 5+ ReactJS Design Systems for 2023

As we all know, ReactJS is a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces, and many companies and organizations use it to create sleek and user-friendly web applications. In recent years, the use of design systems and admin dashboards has become increasingly common in ReactJS development, as they provide a consistent look and feel across applications, as well as a set of tools and components for quickly building complex and customizable interfaces.

In this article, we will take a look at the top 5+ ReactJS design systems, so let's begin.

1. Horizon UI

Horizon UI Dashboard - Open-source admin dashboard template for React, TailwindCSS & NextJS

Horizon UI is a trendy design system and admin dashboard that is known for its clean and modern design, as well as its flexibility and powerful features. It offers a wide range of components from buttons, inputs, modern cards, and form controls to charts and maps, as well as theming capabilities and customizable styles.

It comes with 70+ ready-to-use components and 6+ full-coded pages in the free version, and with more than 400+ front-end components and 40+ pages with the PRO version.

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2. Material UI

Material UI

Material UI is one of the most popular ReactJS design systems, and it is based on Google's Material Design guidelines. It provides a wide range of components, from buttons and forms controls to navigation and layout, as well as theming capabilities and accessibility features.

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3. Chakra UI

Chakra UI

Chakra UI is a simple, modular and accessible component library that gives you the building blocks you need to build your React applications. This minimalistic design system is focused on building modular and reusable components. It offers a large set of components, including buttons, form controls, and layout components, as well as theming capabilities and support for custom components.

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4. Ant Design

Ant Design

Ant Design is a design system that is developed and maintained by the team at Alibaba, and it is one of the most widely used design systems in the world. It offers a wide range of components, from buttons and form controls to grid systems and data visualization, as well as theming capabilities and internationalization support.

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5. Next UI

Next UI

Next UI is a beautiful, fast, and modern React UI library. Next UI Provides a simple way to customize default themes, you can change the colors, fonts, breakpoints and everything you need. Avoids unnecessary style props at runtime, making it more performant than other UI libraries.

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Conclusion: the use of design systems in ReactJS development can greatly improve the user experience and efficiency of applications. Whether you are a developer working on a large-scale project or a business looking to improve the design and functionality of your web application, these design systems, and admin dashboards can be a valuable resource.

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I hear MantineUI is on the rise, do check it out! :)

dhengghuring profile image

Same :)

troublesomesaramsh789 profile image
Saramsh Shrestha

Its awesome. There are some small css hickups but its great.

nahmadic profile image
Ryan Browne

Nice post but I would question if any of these are actual design systems? Component libraries for sure but a design system adds context to a component library adding details like tone of voice, colour usage and various other details. I've been involved in building a greenfield design system recently and the difference between a design system and a component library causes a lot of confusion so I think it's important to use the right language.

guilhermebraga4 profile image

I think same, for me its more about libs than DS

teyt profile image

Material UI🖤🫂

palalet profile image

Why do you think these are "top"?

jagdishlove profile image
Jagdish Singh Mehra

What about tailwind, i want to try it in my next project.

mezieb profile image
Okoro chimezie bright

Great thanks for sharing👍

sohrab09 profile image
Sohrab Hossain

That's a good article ❤

basskibo profile image
Bojan Jagetic

Nice post ! Have you tried Next UI, it looks great and I want to use it in next project but not sure of down sides, is there some ?

kehyshow profile image

It was really great to know. Thanks.

imluka profile image
Luka Dušak

NextUI looks so clean 🔥definitely going to try it in my next project

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Yuvraj Singh

Nice Post! Thanks for Sharing.

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Ana Radovici


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