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Discussion on: How I chose a programming language and beat bad habits

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Fredrik Bonde

Frankly I wouldn't worry too much which language you pick. Once you got one or more under your belt swapping languages becomes more and more trivial. Of course, expect a bit more of a learning process to go to a functional language. Python is a good pick.

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Kyle Martin Author

Yup! But when you are stuck on the hamster wheel of starting one course for a language, making it a few weeks, seeing someone talk bad about that language you're learning and why it's pointless, and not knowing any better to not be swayed to another language is difficult. Thats why I wrote this. To help others break that cycle. I was stuck on it for 2 years often getting demotivated and taking a break to pursue a different hobby for a while. I guess it's more niche as most people seem to learn due to necessity to get a job where as I have a full time job as an instructor for Aircraft Maintenance so I could be more liberal with my time in learning to program.