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Minified React error in production with Vite.js

At work I inherited a really old website running on React.

The code was good but by old i mean really old; last commit was 3 years ago and most of the code was 5-6 years old…

So I converted it to TypeScript and ripped out the old babel/webpack build system and installed Vite to handle all the builds.

Everything went pretty smoothly and I got the site up and running with no errors in development mode.

When going to production is when things went sideways. Some pages crashed with the following error:

error: Minified React error #130; visit[]=object&args[]= for the full message or use the non-minified dev environment for full errors and additional helpful warnings.
    at vc (vendor.93c27df6.js:23)
    at d (vendor.93c27df6.js:23)
    at vendor.93c27df6.js:23
    at vendor.93c27df6.js:23
    at Ts (vendor.93c27df6.js:23)
    at ul (vendor.93c27df6.js:23)
    at ic (vendor.93c27df6.js:23)
    at tc (vendor.93c27df6.js:23)
    at ql (vendor.93c27df6.js:23)
    at zl (vendor.93c27df6.js:23)
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Some quick googling led me to a GitHub issue showing me that I was not the only one experiencing this bug.

Package problem number one

It seems that esbuild is checking for __esModule at runtime and rollup (which is used internally in Vite) is not.

So it will happen to any library that has an entry point with: module.exports = require("./module");

Since a file exported this way does not include the ‘magic string’ __esModule as checked by generate-exports.js it’s not converted correctly.

In my case I had two librarys acting up; react-datetime which was imported locally like this: import DateTime from "react-datetime"; which worked fine in Vite dev but not production.

Props to ntkoopman for the explanation.


User Haikyuu suggested using the following solution which is what I used in the end.

import DT from "react-datetime";
// @ts-ignore
const DateTime = DT.default ? DT.default : DT;
Package problem number two
The second package with this issue was react-dropzone which in turn used the real culprit; attr-accept
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Since the project used an old version (4.x.x, latest version is at the time of writing 14.x.x) and I got other issues upgrading to the latest version I could rule out a PR from me fixing it.

Solution number two

Instead I used patch-package and postinstall to create a patch-file with the fix.

import accepts from 'attr-accept';

import A from "attr-accept";
const accepts = A.default ? A.default : A;
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I how this can help if someone is stuck, and I hope it will be fixed soon because it is kind of a blocker for using Vite.js in production

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