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My first Hacktoberfest

Hello all,

Do you know hacktoberfest ?

For me i discovert this event last month and i try to participe but spoiler alert i don't succes to achive my 4 pull request my excuse for this i didn't have lot of time to do this.

Even if I don't succes to finish I learn a lot from this event. Dispide experience in development before this event, I have never participated in an open source project.

So thanks to this event, I learn how to participate in that type of project. First technical with the fork and pull request and also to discover all the open source projects that can help in my daily work very impressive.

So thanks a lot for this event that can help open source projects and hope next year i will succes to pull all the request needed and be more active in the open source world.

And you what is your feedback on that event?

ps: My contibutions lists:

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