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Discussion on: If you consider Puppeteer cool, then playwright is awesomeness 😍

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Frédéric Bonnet

Awesome work! I'm already in love with Playwright. What I really appreciate as a developer is the seamless integration with Firefox and WebKit and not just Chromium, with no extra step to integrate or configure anything. WebDriver can be tedious on these points.

I have a pet project of mine called Instakittens that serves as a playground for testing frameworks (think TodoMVC, but for tests). I already have several test suites that use Puppeteer for browser automation, with Jest, Mocha and Cucumber as test runners. When I saw the announcement for Playwright on Twitter I had the urge to give it a try. Incredibly enough, it took me only a few hours to port the Puppeteer-based suites to Playwright with almost zero compatibility issue: apart from the initialization, I only had to replace {visible: true} / {hidden: true} to {visibility: 'visible'|'hidden'} in selectors.

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Yaser Adel Mehraban Author

Awesome work, I’ll check out your repo for sure, will save me a few hours at least 🙂