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UI/ UX - Design Decisions - Perspective

I am a frontend developer and an Ex-QA. I am just here to share some takeaways on UI/UX from my experience.

Most of the times we keep arguing with our collegues about the best user experience for our product. We generally go with the decision which is agreed upon by most number or just our product manager. :D

Here's a truth, you might not be wrong about your idea of UX for the feature. We keep missing on one key point. Its called Perspective.

We need to be open and vocal about why we feel so about the UX of a certain feature. Dont go with stretched conversations and arguments on whose perspective is right, instead support your points with some facts from experience or some online content based on user's perspective. When the other person's perspective seems more apt for the feature, then go ahead with it. There is no need to feel invalidated. Learn from this and gain a better perspective for UX.

Where we go wrong generally ?
While taking decisions for a new feature which is going to be a part of a huge enterprise product.

There are two points which would make sense here.

  1. For a user who is already familiar with UX of such huge product, discoverability of a new feature will never be a problem. Just make some minor announcements with popovers/ notification badges like Slack does. We make the biggest mistake by bringing in most of the features onto the top level and making the UI more clumsy just for the sake of discoverability. Navigations to the feature must be given more importance.
  2. Stop thinking that your users are dumb. We need not think from a layman's perspective for UI/UX of every new feature. A few more clicks would actually make sense and makes the UX enjoyable to the user. Think very clearly before you take this decision. If this is the most prominent feature of your product, then you might have to reconsider this point.

These points were hard hitting for me when a fellow designer pointed out. Its actually true. In this digital era, we need to stop thinking that our users are dumb.

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