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What is that you hate about your favorite search engine?

This is a tricky question. Before that, let me set a warm and comfortable scene for you before contradicting it.

Search Engines are part of our daily life and it is evolved over the years to improve the user experience. We have muscle memory of Googling (or DDGing) everything with great convenience (on our phone, laptop, home speakers). Now instead of just listing the website URLs, search engines try to answer your questions directly, let you find similar images, and personalize content for your taste - everything for free. So, in a way, you have a favorite search engine that you would use daily.


  • What makes you wanna hate the same product you love - probably in specific, recurring situations?

  • Have you noticed whether the frequency of these "bad" moments stays the same or increases over time?

  • Do you use any other products to overcome this issue? Or you prefer doing it in your head instead?

  • How personal you wanted your search results to get optimized in these situations? Or are you concerned with your privacy?

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