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OOP in Batch

Hi, I'm Nguyen Phu Minh, creator and lead developer of the FreakC Programming Language. Since Batch does not have object-oriented programming, so today I'm sharing my attempt in "faking" OOP in Batch.

Creating a structure

First, I will create a file called "Dog.bat":

:: Creating properties
set %~1.age=%~2
set %~2.weight=%~3
:: Creating a child method
echo echo %%~1!
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Then, I will create a main file which we run our code on:

:: Create an object
call Dog "Mary" "3" "4kg"
:: Prints out "age" property of "Mary", which is "3"
echo Age: %Mary.age%
:: Call "Mary.say" with argument "Woof", which prints out "Woof"
call Mary.say "Woof"
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That's it! Simple, right? Please comment if you've a better solution.

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