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Choose your first language

Throughout many years, one of the biggest question in the tech industry is "What is the best programming language to start?". While this is a very opinionated topic, in my opinion, I heavily believe that the best one is the one that suits you the most.

I know, this sounds really stupid, but for real, just have a look at some popular languages out there, see some programs written in them, and just blindly pick the one you see appealing. This is actually a good way to choose your first language, as the one you see interesting at first sight is probably the one that helps you stick with programming for a long run.

Many people say that Python is the best starter language because it's easy, while others say that C, C++ and Java are the best because they force you to be strict with your code. To me, these words are straight up BS, since it depends on individual's opinion. Some might say Javascript or Ruby is easier than Python, or some beginners might give up due to the difficulties with C or Java. So the best one is probably the one that you think that's good. Besides, if the language you choose is utterly useless, just switch to another language, now that you have the core understanding of the previous language, you can learn any other ones.

In conclusion, just pick the language that you see interesting, don't let some old man scares you :v

Here are the top most popular languages with many great options for you:

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Nice article!