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Discussion on: How do you deal with imposter syndrome?

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this problem hits me all the time. I think it is all about knowing things. normally this happens to me when I cant do something new or having hard time for debugging. or expectation from manager or your boss at work. the solution is just stop coding and give a break to your self.just remember your knowlege has been improved scence the first day you became a developer. your are handling stuff now that you didnt know about them last month. do not compare your self to others . accept what you already are and try to learn from others, see their codes , try to discuss about problems . try to underestand their approach to problems. this gives you presspective . human mind can grow , can develop new thing from other things. you are a developer , your job is to develop new things . dont fear to ask your questions. always try new tools . write down your gap knowleges and study about them. after 5 years experiance in development I findout we need to improve the skills already have rather than learning new topics . this is like opening doors that you wont be able to close them . if these open doors increases you dont have enough time to close them . just remember if you can develop things from nothing , you can develop your self too , matterials doesnot matter.