Hi I'm Francisco

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Hi Everyone!

My name is Francisco Sánchez, I living and work in Santiago of Chile.

I have been coding for 5 years professionally for companies.

I'm a Software Engineer with a specialist in Backend. The main interesting topics are Architecture, Design, and improve performance of Software, also check the cost of operations for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS in AWS and GCP.

I mostly program in theses languages: Javascript and Python.

You can find me on Github as fransafu

I hope to be a contribution to this community.

Nice to meet you :)


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Hi Francisco 🙌 What does Software Development scene in Santiago look like? Is also remote these days as everywhere else? In what kind of industry do you work?


Hi Fyodor!

For now all my friends and most of the developers work remotely, but as such it is not really remote work. I have a friend who works remotely for several years and the way of working is very different, the company has a culture of remote working.

And my company is a retail type; offers services for retails.

Nice to meet you! :)


The remote work landscape changes rapidly. Probably the good culture will be embraced by more companies in nearest time. Nice to meet you too, and welcome to dev fam 😉

I hope that companies will apply remote work as expected. Thanks Fyodor :)


Hi Francisco! Welcome to the community. I used to live in Ecuador and have family who live in Chile.


Hi Gwyneth!

Thanks :)

How is everything in Ecuador?

I hope your family is well in Chile and also that the situation improves.

Nice to meet you :)!