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Franklin Ohaegbulam
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Web 3.0 and the evolution of the Internet

Lately, Web3 has become a trend and everyone is talking about it. The internet has evolved to this stage following the creation of Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto and subsequently Blockchain technology.

Before discussing about what the web3 is, we need to know how it all started. Here is an overview of what it is all about.

Web 1.0 (1999 - 2005): This is was the first generation of the web made of static pages, texts and little or no images coupled with slow internet speed. Users can't interact, add comments or upload images because it is read-only. Webmasters only have permission to post contents.

Web 2.0 (2005 - Present): The second generation of the web which brought about the World Wide Web (WWW). There is exchange of information between users and web servers/companies providing services in exchange for user's data to better serve them.

Web 3.0 (Now): Here, everyone has full ownership of contents such as images, texts they post on the Internet. It is decentralized because it runs on Blockchain. There is no censorship or monetization of personal data and it is permissioned regardless of gender, age or nationality. Any changes to information on the web is made through Voting by all participants.

The web3 space is still in it's early stage with so many potentials. And everyone should get involved.

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