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Frank Font
Frank Font

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Contest: Share a Good Plan

July Twigflo Creative Challenge

The founders of Twigflo are offering a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate to the winner of the best mission diagram shared here in this thread. Participation is free.

How to Enter

Log into Twigflo and create a mission diagram which you feel does the following:

  • Your mission diagram explains something you feel is important or useful
  • You mark the access scope of your diagram as "Public" and paste the URL into a reply of this post. (Marking it public enables other people, including the judges, to view your diagram.)
  • Your reply here includes the URL to your shared diagram and an explanation of how you think it may be helpful to someone or how you yourself find it helpful for your needs.

One entry per reply. No more than five entries per person.

Winner Selection

Replies to this thread must be dated no later than July 31 2022. Winner will be announced in this thread on August 5th 2022.

The Twigflo founders will look for the mission diagram that they feel most effectively communicates an important insight that could also help others. Their decision will be final.

Example Missions

These examples are dry. You can do better! (We are sure of it.)

Top comments (3)

prokeys88 profile image
Bryan Jansen

Wow this a really helpful tool. It gives project managers (or development teams) the ability to see the 10k ft big picture view but also the ability to drill down to individual tasks and make modifications/changes.

Here's an example:

I could see this also being used in all types of project applications.



frankfont profile image
Frank Font Author

Domain was updated recently, above URLs will still work if is used instead of just

Fixed URLs for above ...

frankfont profile image
Frank Font Author

Bryan thanks for entering! Not only are your shared missions terrific; they are also the only ones submitted for the July competition here on the website. You will be contacted shortly to arrange delivery of the prize.

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