No idea.

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I started web development 3 months ago and I initially enjoyed the ride. I still do. It's just that recently the downs have felt more than the highs.
I somehow blazed through HTML and CSS. I'm pretty good at these to my understanding of their general use.
However, when I got to JavaScript , this completely changed. It took me days to grasp basic concepts and at the moment I'm stuck on what seems to be a simple project to developers online i.e a simple calculator.
I almost had a panic attack because I couldn't distract myself from the fact that I literally had no idea on what to type. I had nothing.
I am not sad,but I definitely don't feel good about this and honestly, I'm just tired.
I hope it gets better soon, because according to the numerous JavaScript blogs and resources, it does get better.


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It's normal to feel a bit frustrated, specially at the beginning, when learning a new language/technology. Don't worry about it! Eventually you will be able to write your own projects. You just need some more time to learn. Try to look for some easy projects online and analyze them.


thanks, I'll get on this.


I would check out my friend Chris Ferdinandi's stuff. He completely changed the way I think about JavaScript.


For what it's worth, I absolutely do not think a calculator is a simple project. There are so many hidden "gotchas" to think about.

If I can ever help with anything, please don't hesitate to contact me personally!


thanks man, already on it.


I took a bootcamp with strong Javascript base and it gets better (and worse...) when you understand it. I recommend taking a the freeCodeCamp free bootcamp because JS and HTML are very different.


thanks, I was following that,but when I got the ES6 syntax I got really confused and left to cover up knowledge gaps. I'll get back to it.


Thanks, I needed to hear this.