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HandyVITA - Compiling PS Vita Homebrew with Github Actions

My Workflow

This is a very simple workflow that allows you to use the Vita SDK docker to compile projects for Playstation Vita. Therefore, you will be able to build and download the built homebrew just on/from Github. To do this, it uses the actions/checkout@v2 action to access the source code of the repository and the actions/upload-artifact@v2 action to associate the created package to the workflow execution. Moreover, this action can be associated with any commit or pull request to download and test the code.

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Wacky Wildcards

Yaml File and Link to Code

GitHub logo frangarcj / HandyVITA

The first Atari Linx emulator for the PSVita Based on Libretro Handy core (

Additional Resources / Info

Thanks to fjtrujy for helping on setting up the docker.

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