How to write an effective privacy policy?

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Surfing the web and loving to analyze personal websites, I find that most of them include a privacy policy. It basically explains which data the site collects, saves and elaborates, among other things. Every website should have a privacy policy and possibly a cookie policy (if it stores cookies on usersβ€˜ computers), but how do we write a good one? What questions do we need to answer? Which information do we need to report? Let me know what you think about it, and if you have a privacy policy on your website, please paste its link in the comments, so that other developers and newbie can take a look at real policies!

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I would start with a firm understanding of GDPR to establish a baseline for what must be in a privacy policy. After that, you can look at companies similar to your own to get some ideas of what other areas you should cover.

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