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Do you make money online?

francoscarpa profile image Franco Scarpa ・1 min read

This question is not meant to be off-topic. I am a software developer, not a person who crashed into this platform to steal your secrets of how you make money online. I know the only way to do it is by working hard and getting involved. Rather, I would like to know what tools you can make money with, be it through your blog, selling software, courses, books, making YouTube videos, etc. I’m looking for a way to obtain income parallel to those of my work. Being part of this platform, I thought I could ask people who have the same passion as me: code. I thank anyone who answers!

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Joachim Zeelmaekers

You can make money by doing a lot of things on the web. If you want to make a certain amount of money like a normal job, you should sell your services. Your service could be for example being a freelance Web Developer. Building websites or web applications for other companies. This will pay your bills.
If you want to do something else like writing just for the money, I suggest you to pick something else. Most of the things like writing, creating content on youtube or making courses require a sort of passion beyond money. Try and find what you love first, afterwards you can start thinking how to create a business out of your passion.