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A few months ago, I read “How Improving Website Performance Can Help Save The Planet”, by Jack Lenox. It was fascinating since I had never thought about web dev in these terms. I speak about web development since it’s my field: we need to create more unsophisticated web stuff. Many web designer and developer don’t even know a webpage with different sizes, scripts, and resources have different impacts on the climate change.

The more resources we force the user to download to enjoy our webpage, the more servers need to pump in. This can be insignificant if you think about only one webpage, with few views. What if the same webpage is viewed millions of times in a month only? The results can be considerably damaging.

To give to the web developers’ community here on dev.to some advices, please:

  • reduce the file size of your HTML, CSS and JavaScript files;
  • reduce the size of images;
  • don’t use video if you don’t absolutely need them;
  • try to use web safe fonts;
  • don’t put things such as ads, social widgets, analytics, pop up on your webpages if you don’t absolutely need them.

The best advice, in general, is to make your webpages more lightweight, so servers can use fewer resources.

In addition to servers, your users’ devices will thank you too, because simpler pages require less CPU power. Less CPU power requires less energy, so the battery will last longer, and you’ll save cellular data, too.

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